"Be nicer to your customers than your competitors." - Richard Reed

about us

I have a confession to make: I'm a serial entrepreneur! From publishing a national classified advertising paper to selling roast beef sandwiches to growing microgreens, I've opened and operated many, many small businesses; some successful some not so much. As a result, I've found that my passion lies with encouraging, supporting, and helping other small entrepreneurs achieve success.


In 1997, I founded and operated our local farmers and makers market with just 8 vendors and grew it to nearly 50 each week. A wonderful success story!

In 2010, I started promoting fine art shows and continue to this day. My husband and I are artists and exhibit at nearly 30 shows per year. After participating in numerous shows, I quickly realized that I preferred the promotion side of events.

Lynn Wettach

I also have a love of antique, vintage, and farmhouse decor all which have come into vogue these past few years. Our home is filled with family antiques and hand-me-downs which have aged beautifully and carry with them precious memories of special times with family.

Blending my love of vintage along with my passion to help other entrepreneurs succeed; American Vintage Markets was born. I look forward to offering a bustling market where curated vendors can sell their wares to excited, savvy shoppers who are bringing the past to life in their homes. 

Let the treasure hunt begin...